Aubrey Yeh

Aubrey Yeh is the Coordinator of Language Arts & Humanities in the East Network, overseeing art, music, theatre, dance, PE, health, world languages, social studies, and language arts for K-12 students in the Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to this, she served as an Education Technology Specialist, focusing on supporting teachers and engaging the community in the district’s 1:1 rollout and other technology projects, and as the Director of Fine & Performing Arts. She began her career as a music teacher for 1st-12th grades, focusing on student leadership and relationship building through technology integration. In addition to teaching music, she has worked as an elementary classroom teacher and principal for the Summer Learning Academy.

Outside of work, Aubrey enjoys swimming, getting outside, and advocating for students who have come to the USA as refugees (check out more at Refugee Ready). She is a Google Certified Trainer & Innovator as well as a Breakout EDU Authorized Trainer & game designer. You can connect with Aubrey on Twitter (@ms_a_yeh) or by checking out her blog (!

"Violin Principal" in action!
Google Innovator Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark! #GoogleEI #DEN18
"The Wizarding World of the ISTE Standards for Educators" with my team
BreakoutEDU is even better when you are with your teammates!
#ISTEselfie while BreakoutEDU groups are working
Beginning Orchestra - so much fun!